My Platform

My experiences (along with being a father and grandfather) have prepared me with unique insights into our residents' healthcare needs and an understanding of the complex healthcare challenges of our community.

With your continued support, I will be your advocate for improved access and high-quality healthcare from Grossmont Hospital and our community healthcare organizations.

My central tenants that guide all my decisions are Honor, Courage and Commitment:

Honor:  I pledge to always put the needs of you, the people of East County, above all special interests.  Furthermore, I will always be honest, transparent and keep my promises.

Courage:  I was a war-fighter for 27 years.  I will not back down from the fight to do what is right for my community.

Commitment:  I am committed to serving you, the residents of East County.  Healthcare is complex and complicated, but my decisions will always be based upon what is best for the community.  I am a fiscal conservative and remain committed to keeping taxes low.